June Workshops at the Twisted Gypsy Studio!

Join us for a day of fabulous workshops and an evening of music, dance, food, and fun!

Saturday Afternoon Workshops:

Noon – 2:00pm
Introduction to Laybacks and Deep Backbends – $45 ($47 if using PayPal)

Laybacks, or very deep backbends, can be both elegant and quite dramatic when done correctly. In this workshop Shanti will be explaining the how-to of a relaxed, fully extended layback through the use of gentle yoga and dance conditioning.
We will then practice our layback technique within a short combo which can be integrated into your own choreography or improvisation.
Discussion of increasing flexibility with stability and how to care for you spine post backbend will also be included.
Difficulty/What to bring: All levels welcome, some experience with bellydance, yoga or both recommended. Please bring a yoga mat and yoga blanket or towel.

3:00 – 5:00pm
Soloing as an ATS Dancer – $45 ($47 if using PayPal)

Branching out as soloists can be an overwhelming experience and this workshop is all about how to make that transition easy and fun! Plus, working on your solo technique can lead to becoming a stronger team member in group performances!
The main focus of this workshop will be on using ATS vocabulary as a base for creating your own combos to use in choreographies, home practice and solo improvisation. We will also be working on how to craft a dynamic performance that features your strengths, keeps an audience engaged and allows for “breathing time” so that you can enjoy your own performance!
Difficulty/what to bring: Some experience with bellydance recommended. Please bring a pen and paper.

Purchase both workshops in advance for $80! ($83 if using PayPal)

Cash and checks are accepted.
Please use Contact page to sign-up!

WANT TO PERFORM? We are offering limited performance spots to workshop attendees for the evening Hafla.

Hafla begins at 7:00pm, workshops and hafla at Twisted Gypsy Studio in Chatsworth!