Jan-Feb 2016 Bellydance Class Series

Please use the Contact page to be added to the wait-list for this series and/or to receive announcements for future classes! Email notifications will be sent out if a spot becomes available!
The next class series will be starting March 2nd, an email announcement with sign-up information will be sent out in early February.January-February Bellydance Class Info:

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Basics – 6 week series
Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm, January 6th – February 10th
Ciara Dance Studio
21250 Califa Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

To sign-up for the Tribal Fusion Bellydance Basics series use the Paypal links below
$72 for the full series
$36 3-class package
$15 drop-inThe focus of this class will be the basic isolations of tribal fusion bellydance. These basics can then be layered with other movements and built into combinations! Special emphasis will be placed on tribal fusion stylization, arm positions and posture.

In this series you will learn the techniques for fluid undulations, shimmies, playing finger cymbals, traveling steps and turns through the use of short, easy-to-remember combinations that can be used to practice at home or in performance settings!
All levels are welcome – this class is geared towards beginner dancers and students wanting exceptional technique!
Gentle yoga and dance conditioning are part of each class. Please bring a yoga mat and finger cymbals, both are also available to borrow in class*
*There are a limited number of finger cymbals available to borrow. If you don’t already own a set I would suggest purchasing a set of cymbals from Turquoise International or Saroyan Cymbals before the start of the series.Register via Paypal:
$72 for the full series
$36 3-class package
$15 drop-in

September Bellydance Classes

~5-week Class series: Tribal Fusion Tune-up with Finger Cymbals~

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm 

September 2nd – 30th

Ciara Dance Studio
21250 Califa Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

$60 for the full series
$36 3-class package
$15 drop-in

5 weeks of Tribal Fusion Bellydance drills with finger cymbal patterns for both fast and slow dancing! There will be in-depth explanation of how to play finger cymbals, ways to compliment movement with different cymbal patterns and combos to put it all to use! Get ready to make some noise with confidence!

Please bring a yoga mat and finger cymbals.
(Both are available to borrow if needed)

Got a question about classes? Use the Contact Page to ask away!

May/June Class Series: Bellydance Technique Tune-up!

~May/June Class Series: Bellydance Technique Tune-up!~
A 5-week series filled with Drills, Combos and Zills for dancing both fast and slow!
Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm, May 27th – June 24th
Ciara Dance Studio

The title of this series pretty much says it all, each week we will be diving deep into the how-to of Tribal Fusion Bellydance! There will be drills to practice the essential shapes/isolations we will be working on, followed by a combo using those movements and then practice with finger cymbal patterns to finish the evening! As always there will also be yoga for conditioning and the epic shimmy drills I seem to be becoming known for! Wooohooo! Let’s get sweaty and technical!

Please bring a yoga mat and finger cymbals!
(both are available to borrow if needed)

*This will be the only class series I offer during the “Summer” months due to a super busy summer traveling schedule. I hope to see you in class!*